Kathy Diamond


Kathy Diamond is a singer/songwriter originally from Sheffield, England, but now lives in London. She listened to mainly soul and disco at home as that was the music her mum played. As she grew up she was inspired to write and sing herself and has been doing so since 1993, working with many different writers, musicians and producers within many genres. In 2002 she wrote a song called “Miracles Just Might” with writers/producers SWAG. It didn’t make it on the SWAG album so Kathy raised the money and released it herself on white label.The reviews were excellent and within a month “Sunshine” was released on Idjut Boys COTTAGE label. Again, the reviews were great. The Idjuts also used this track for their compilation “Press Play” on Tirk Records in 2005. On there Kathy’s track also caused quite a stir.
From 2004 on Kathy concentrated for two years on writing a collection of songs in preparation for a solo career and “Miss Diamond To You” is the result. Kathy’s voice and great production make this a strong as hell bundle demonstrating how good pop music can sound today. Since the album release Kathy Diamond has collaborated with Aeroplane, Permanent Vacation, Maxi Skiba (KDMS), Toby Tobias a.o.


“A disco album like there hasn’t been one for a long time … High heels, lipgloss, hand claps, eye glitter and gin tonic … ‘Miss Diamond To You’ is setting new standards.” Groove Magazine

“Pop Masterpiece” Rolling Stone

Releases on Permanent Vacation