Woolfy vs Projections


Los Angeles 1999 D- Hastie and Simon “Woolfy” James meet in a run down bar in downtown LA ..a pint? aayy a pint will do fine .. you make music , I make music , let’s make music .. The two embarked on what’s become an eight year adventure.

Their first release on Chicago’s Guidance Recordings was Kingsburg , a track that’s appeared on many compilations , including house legend Tony Humphries at Fabric. From there, the full length , Between Here & Now was released , which made serious waves on the electronic scene and put Projections on the map. The lads have become well known in Los Angeles for their knock down drag ‘em out parties. Dropping a concoction of spaced-out house , dubbed disco , funk & beard rock. the dancefloors last forever. As well as Dj’ing , Projections keeps busy in many other projects such as the disco-rocker outfit Woolfy on Rong Records (NY) , and the supa heavy funk band Orgone on Ubiquity / Nuff Rope Records (CA/UK). Projections and Woolfy has recently released 12″s on Rong , which received heavy rotation by DFA frontman James Murphy and all the other bearded disco warriors. They also produced a remix for LCD Soundsytem together with dj harvey for their latest single all my friends.

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