Hot 12″ (PERMVAC 044-1) by rising Canadian producer team AZARI & III. AZARI & III, pronounced “a-zar-ee and third”, is the clandestine collaboration between Toronto based producers Dinamo Azari and Alixander III. Record includes “Reckless With Your Love” Original Version, Instrumental and A Capella (Vinyl exclusive).

Aeroplane: Old school with an amazing taste! really love it!
Gerd Janson (runnig back): A hit is a hit is a hit!
Dixon: great tune !
Manuel Tur: HIT !
Erol Alkan: love this
Shit Robot: This is great, like this!
Jazzanova: this is killer!!!
Ewan Pearson: love this
Optimo: really good
Jim Stanton (horse meat disco): dancefloor gold – i love this!!!
Trevor Jackson: its a serious bomb, commercial as hell but rocks any dancefloor, i love it
Eric Duncan: (rubn tug/still going): nice..sounds really good..
Pete Herbert (Reverso 68): this is wicked!!! Completely nails it, both versions
Baby G: Ohhh such a wiked track has all i want in it!!! amazing pure house music!
Ivan Smagghe: cool !!
Roy Danks (the wurst/nyc): Soooooo amzing! This new duo is on fire right now!

More support comes from Tim Sweeney, Sasse, Jaques Renault, James Friedman, Toby Tobias, TJ Kong, Rory Phillips, Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath), Nick Chacona a.o.