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Pollyester is the, meanwhile grownup, musical brainchild of Polina Lapkovskaja aka Polly and Yossarian alias Manuel da Coll. Polly and Yossarian are definitely no strangers to attentive music lovers around the globe: both of them draw from a large musical background and are well experienced on stage in various projects. Aside from Pollyester Manu is also the Drummer of the world famous Bavarian supergroup “LA BRASS BANDA“ and Polly earned her own stripes as a member of the influential avant-garde band “KAMERAKINO“. If you were lucky you could also worship her live on stage with Gomma’s Disco Band “MUNK“. If this weren’t enough Polly also sung on three tracks on Mock & Toof’s highly acclaimed debut album and is, alongside Dompteur Mooner, responsible for one of the best ongoing parties in the world (we are not joking): the trash-fashion-carnival-glitzy-supermusic party “ZOMBOCOMBO“.

Polly on bass and vocals and Yossarian on drums and vocals; this is how the duo started and what still builds the skeleton of Pollyester’s music: bass and drums. (Meanwhile they have introduced their sound engineer and master of live dub effects, Benni, and keyboarder Simon to the band) Influenced by bands like ESG, SPARKS or MAXIMUM JOY and the Cosmic/Afrobeat movement Pollyester are playing an unique blend of Disco, Wave and Funk in the essence of an garage post-punk band.

Or as UK’s press described it: a “sprawling cosmic disco monster, ́Lindstrom on mescalin ́, with flashes of new wave and mid eighties synth sounds bubbling through too“. With this highly explosive mixture Pollyester even won some music heavyweights as fans: LCD SOUNDSYSTEM’S JAMES MURPHY charted Polly’s latest single “German Love Letter“ and ALEX KAPARNAOS from FRANZ FERDINAND shared the video of “ROUND CLOCKS“ via his Twitter with the comment “FANTASTIC.“

This is the mouthwatering teaser for Pollyster’s album “EARTHLY POWERS” coming in May, a digital only release with three tracks of the three released 12”’s plus two clubbier remixes from Mock & Toof and the Permanent Vacation Boys.

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Also check the fantastic Andrew Weatherall & Ewan Pearson mix recorded at Tunnel club in Milan, Feb 2011, featuring the Permanent Vacation Mix for Pollyester at 2:14.