Colette says: With colette olympics in your ears you’ll rediscover the joys of effort, the pleasures of sharing musical genres; breathing musical universalism will morph you into a very special athlete.

Great packaging too, looking fresh and sportive.

01 DENMARK: RHYE – Hunger
02 NORWAY: Roxy Music – Love Is The Drug (Todd Terje Disco Dub)
03 SPAIN: John Talabot – When The Past Was Present
04 GERMANY: Pool – Game Over
05 ENGLAND: Lee Webster – Detroit Cheeky Things
06 BELGIUM: CCC – Acid Snow (Mugwump Remix)
07 ENGLAND: Jai Paul – Jasmine (Demo)
08 CANADA: Beta Frontiers – Hondo ft Becky Ninkovic
09 FRANCE: Breakbot – Programme
10 MALAYSIA: Yuna – Live Your Life
11 SWEDEN: Tek Box – Move Your Hips (Idjut Boys Edit)
12 JAPAN: Kyoka – Ybe Ybe (Yba Yba Edition)
13 CANADA: Grimes – Genesis
14 FRANCE: Ruby Cube – Utopia
15 COLOMBIA: Dany F – Chalole Batata
16 USA: Major Lazer – Get Free ft Amber Of Dirty Projectors

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